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 Herd Sire ReferenceReg # 13504831Tattoo


BW : +3.4
WW : +26
YW : +54
Milk : +21
Shamrocks Royce 0309Sire : Stevenson Royce 741C
Dam : T A R Missie 3290

"A very powerful Stevenson Royce 741C son that has been giving us solid calves since he became one of our herd sires. We have used this Bull on Fullblood Gelbvieh cows for the "REGULATOR"tm cross and on Purebred Gelbvieh Cows for the Balancer(c) cross--these are super, tough calves to beat on a cross. Plenty of performance all the way through. These calves will be featured in our upcoming sales also.

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Birth wt. :       Wean wt. :       Adj Wean wt. :       Wean wt. ratio :       Last wt. : as of